Vianna returns with 7 amazing seminars

Following on the success of 2016, Vianna returned with 7 really great seminars in October 2017, including the Brand New 'Growing Your Relationships - You and Your Significant Other' INSTRUCTORS seminar!
And we even had an amazing Rainbow Childrens Instructors!

6 Instructors Seminars, 1 Practitioner Seminar, a Masked Ball with a special song perfromance, and 5 supporting practitioner seminars.

Starting on the 11th of October a series of seminars ran until the 3rd of November. This included the first ever Rainbow Children Instructors seminar in Russia, and a special song performance form a very talented ThetaHealer during the 2nd Masked Ball in St Pateresburg in Russia.

5 Languages

We were able to provide interpretation into 4 additional languages apart from English. Of course Russian was standard, and we also provided for Turkish, Persian and Japanese interpretation during the events.

Longest visit to Russia

Russian ThetaHealers® and guests from outside of Russia were treated to the longest visit to Russia by Vianna, culminating in Rainbow Children Instructors. With close to 100 ThetaHealers® attending the Rainobow Children Instructors seminar it provided a superb end to Vianna’s visit in 2017!

Seminar Leaders & Event Hosts

The seminars hosted in 2017, were led by Vianna Stibal – culminating in the ever popular Rainbow Children which was a fun and super happy ending to the seminars in St Petersburg.
The hosts for the event was the husband and wife team of Natalia Lapshicheva and Craig Koekemoer.

Vianna Stibal

Founder of the ThetaHealing® technique

Natalia Lapshicheva

Co-Host for Vianna in Russia
ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science

Craig Koekemoer

Co-Host for Vianna in Russia
ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science

Our Team

Our team consisted of a number of people from different countries, cities and towns. The teaching assistants were part of the support team to help with documentation, registrations, general queries and helping the attendees during any of the practical excercises during the events.

Language Team

Russian – Katinka Tchernova
Turkish – Ayse Sen
Turkish – Sevim Kurt
Persian Shabnam Irani
Japanese – Kaori Sekiguchi
Russian (Support) – Anna Filinskaya

Logistic &
Support Team

Alexander Serenov
Helena Vasilkova
Natalia Klue
THInK Team – Prisila Lohmann Quiroz
THInK Team – Samantha Lohmann Quiroz

Teaching Assistants

Natalia Pavlova
Aizhan Shakmanova
Sergei Kalabin
Galina Shishkina
Sergei Tomashov
Lolita Kuzmina
Anna Anoxhina 
Alena Lisenkova

Teaching Assistants
Russian / English

Gleb Vilochkin
Julia Borodina

Teaching Assistants
Other Languages

Turkish group – Yesim Kuzu 
Japanese group – Katsumi Ifuku 

A summary of the events in 2017

Hold on tight! In 2017 Vianna led 6 Instructos seminars and 1 Practitioner seminar. The supporting seminars grew to 5 Practitioner seminars, and of course we had the 2nd ThetaHealing themed masked ball. All of this in the space of 24 days gave attendees to much to choose from!


11 – 14 October 2017

The foundation of becoming a ThetaHealing® Instructor, we had a really good turnout especially from Turkey!


16 – 18 October 2017

As with the Basic DNA Instructors, this Advanced DNA Instructors delivered another successfull class of ThetaHealing® Instructors.


20 – 21 October 2017

The seminar that taught many how to help themselves and others by getting to the bottom of things, another successful seminar indeed.


23 October 2017

The first time that ThetaHealers® in Russia could attend this seminar in Russia and it did not dissapoint!

You and your significant other PRACTITIONERS

24 – 25 October 2017

For anyone who did not have the opportunity in 2016, this was one of the favourite seminars of the series. And a large group of Persian students attended, for the first time ever outside of Iran.

You and your significant other INSTRUCTORS

26 – 27 October 2017

Following the previous year and also the practitioner seminar hosted directly before this seminar, it proved a very popular seminar. And with it came the opportunity for many students to make new friends from different countries all over the world!


30 October – 3 November 2017

One of the long awaited seminars was super popular, and the excercises, the fun, the committment to learning new thing was clearly shown. In the end, the drumming and talking stick creation excercises were two of the favourites with everyone, not to mention the development of intuitive skills too!


16 – 18 October (Dig Deeper Pract.)
19 – 23 October (Planes of Existence Pract.)
22 October (Rhythm Pract.)
24 – 27 October (Wealth Consciousness Pract.)
29 – 30 October (Manifesting & Abundance Pract.)

The support seminars this time round were expanded to include some additional seminars for the benifit of those attending. With the ThetaHealing® Elective of Wealth Consciousness being run by Mark Anthony from Australia.


28 October 2017

The 2nd Masked Ball was a stunning success of festivities and music. A super special performance by NiaNell was included, which mesmirized everyone in attendance with truly special music, melody and feeling! Food, dance and music was the highlight of the evening, thrilling all who came!

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